The European Exploration Of America

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The discovery of America opened up the door for many people to find a new home and also a new identity. The European explorers of the late 15th and 16th centuries did not discover America; the native people had already lived and flourished there for many years. The European exploration of America is notable because it is the start of the mentality among Americans the fuels the need to travel from home in order to find oneself. Since the beginning, the settlers in America have been people who left home to find a new life where they could live successful lives. While this is a theme in all types of literature, it is one that is especially prevalent in American literature because the settlers were an entire people who left their home in search of something better. Some of those people left to find themselves in their religion or to find new ways to make money, but all in all the discovery of America was also the discovery of a new people. The sensation of discovery fueled the early explorers, the settlers, the revolutionaries, the transcendentalists, and American people to this day. The beginning of this trend in American literature was when the first Europeans found the Americas. Christopher Columbus is regarded as the man who discovered America, when is reality he only discovered the Caribbean. Author and Professor Gerald Vizenor believes the appropriate this to say is that Columbus found the Americas because the land mass already had many people living on it and had contact
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