The European Nations Used The Term `` Civilizing Mission `` By Joseph Conrad

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The European nations used the term “civilizing mission” to convince people to support the exploration of the unknown parts of the African continent. Europeans believed that Africans were uncivilized, lacked Enlightenment, and needed European progress. In the eyes of the people, this colonization was supposed to moralize the indigenous people into their idea of civilization, but this was not the case. In the late nineteenth century, Europe’s “civilizing mission” was never civilized because the focus of the colonization of Africa was to make the nations more powerful. To increase the power of the homeland, colonists extracted resources from Africa and sent them back and they abused the native people, as presented in Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. In Africa, the European nations sent down companies to extract resources from the continent to improve the quality of life back home. It was the reason for the colonization of the continent. According to Marlow, the protagonist of the novel, “the word ‘ivory’ rang in the air, was whispered, was sighed” throughout the stations throughout the region in which he resided. Ivory was a very luxurious item in Europe at the time. Europeans in Africa appeared to be “praying to it” because they looked so highly up to it. Ivory is a reference to any resource that was beneficial to Europe, particularly rubber. These materials were the focus of the mission. By bringing back resources to the homeland, this would bring power to the nations
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