The European Race to Colonize Africa

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The years following the Berlin Conference were marked by the Europeans’ race to occupy and colonize land in Africa. A time of growth for Europe resulted in a decline in Africa’s ability to rule their own land. Africa’s fate was being decided for it by the European invaders. However, many Africans refused to give in to the fate being handed to them by the Europeans. Various actions and reactions marked the Scramble for Africa from the late 19th century to the early 20th century. Africans chose to deal with the Europeans in many different fashions, from giving in peacefully to fighting back with everything they had. European power frightened the African population, resulting in many Africans giving in to the scramble without a struggle. According to document 1, in 1886, the British government commissioned the Royal Niger Company to administer and develop the Niger River delta. Many African rulers signed the development of the Niger River away unknowingly. Because this document is official and provides no personal account of the transaction of the Niger River delta, it is unknown whether the rulers gave in entirely peacefully. A personal record of the dealings would help immensely to tell how easily the rulers signed. Ashanti leader Prempeh I, according to document 2, turned down a British offer of protectorate status, saying that the Ashanti will “never commit” itself to such a policy. Although at the same time, he claims that the Ashanti will always remain
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