The European Revolution Of 1848

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The European Revolution of 1848 was one of the biggest moments in European history. There were many aspects that led to the 1848 revolution. The revolution impacted many people in Europe and even other countries. Many great men were involved in this big part of European history. There are many different topics to discuss such as why was the revolution started, who was involved, and how it affected the European people, government, and even other countries. There were numerous reasons for the European Revolution. One can assume that having a revolution in a Country can be expensive and can cause the people of the Country issues. Usually when the people of a country get fed up with the government that’s supposed to stand up for their rights, but don’t to the point where the people of that country can 't tolerate it any longer. A Revolution is started to make changes. There were three main reasons for the European Revolution of 1848, first because the food prices went up and the wages stayed the same. There was also a high unemployment rate. One can assume, by looking at how economies are today, if prices are skyrocketing and the minimum wage is staying the same then people can’t provide food for their families, which can be a big problem in a Country, not being able to provide for your family is a very unnerving feeling so it is understandable as to why that was one of the reasons for the European Revolution. The second Reason for the revolution was because of the Banquet
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