The European Sustainability And Innovation

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Sustainability is the ability for a system or process to endure over time without compromising future generations and their abilities to fulfill these processes. In America when we think of sustainability we most often just consider environmental and ecological sustainability. It was evident that sustainability means something completely different in Paris as well as Germany. The European wholesome view at sustainability takes many aspects into light including ecological and environmental as well as political and cultural. The governments and businesses set up sustainable living practices that are embraced by society to help society move forward into a sustainable future. Society also embraces innovation much differently with more collaboration and less worry of intellectual property ideas can flow much more smoothly. To encourage advances in sustainability and innovation european firms and the government 's focus on maximizing the potential of the 3 Ps, people, planet and profits, with profits being last for a reason. In a paper discussing the differences between American and European sustainability and innovation it seems fit to start with what was overwhelmingly the greatest difference, waste. Waste management in Germany is extremely thrifty with very little actually ending up as “waste.” We learned at the EBK waste treatment center in Konstanz that they are trying to create a culture where rather than calling it waste it is rebranded as “valuable material” due to the
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