The European Union And Foreign Policy

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The European Union is an organization unlike any other which includes an economic and political union between many different countries in Europe. It operates as a single institution with one foreign policy although it is composed of 28 individual countries with their own foreign policies. This paper, therefore, seeks to understand the institutional organization of the European Union in regards to foreign policy as well as provide an analysis of the actions the EU takes in its diplomacy.
The EU has an interesting, albeit confusing, system in which it operates. In order to understand the organization of its foreign policy, we must look into the different institutions which govern the EU and explain their roles. First, there is the European Commission, which is composed of 28 ministers from each country and manages the day-to-day business of the EU as well as drafting proposals. The President of the European Commission is essentially seen as the head of the EU. It is designed to represent the EU as a whole. The European Council is composed of the president or prime minister of each member country and represents each countries’ interests. The President of the Commission and the High Representative of Foreign Affairs sit as nonvoting council members. Then the Council of the European Union, which is a separate entity from the European Union Council, is made up of representatives from each country which are ministers for a specific subject. They pass EU laws and approve the

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