The European Union ( Brexit ) And The Refugee Crisis

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Two consistent trends have been reported within reputable sources regarding the topic of the European Union are the upcoming E.U. referendum-taking place in Britain (Brexit) and the refugee crisis. The European Union is faced with its impending decline, which has accelerated in recent weeks with concerns about the British referendum becoming an immediate issue on the continent. A possible “Brexit” could possibly lead to the fifth largest economy in the world and the second largest economy in the Eurozone from leaving the European Union (E.U). The Brexit is the most contested issue both within the United Kingdom (U.K) and the European continent. In the wake of a rampant security and refugee crises in Europe, Europe’s need to have an economically strong member of the E.U is needed to combat the difficulties the continent is facing, particularly the Mediterranean members of the E.U who are most heavily affected by the influx of people escaping Syria and Turkey, taking refuge in recovering countries such as Greece, in hope of further immigrating to their country of choice, namely Germany and Austria. With tensions in the Middle East escalating, the refugee crisis in Europe is worsening, the increasing number of people is led the E.U to consider isolating Greece from the rest of the Schengen area (passport free travel area in Europe) by closing off its borders (Corder, 2016). With an average of 2000 people/ day crossing the Aegean Sea into Greece, if the Greek government
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