The European Union ( E.u )

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Introduction Government is divided into a number of levels each with their own powers, responsibilities and constituencies; some sections deal directly with our lives such as healthcare whilst others can be responsible for things such as libraries and cemeteries. European Union (E.U) The European Union is made of the European parliament, the European commission and the Council of Ministers which equates to around 740 members who represent the 27 member states of the European Union. The E.U has many responsibilities which include: • Ensuring Equal rights and opportunities throughout European citizens • Issues surrounding the environment • Movement and treatment of goods/ workers When alterations are being made to European laws which affect the u.k, parliament will examine the proposed changes before adopting them as law. In some cases the u.k government can alter its own laws to align correctly with E.U standards and around 50% of current British laws have origins within EU legislation. (Sharpe.D. (n.a). EU Business Regulation. Available: Last accessed 10/12/14) A European organisation which specialises on the Public services is the European Federation of Public Service Unions (EPSU) and dedicate themselves to the improvement and protection of the public services by tackling issues surround funding, employment issues and giving regular assessments to ensure the public services maintain their high
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