The European Union Established After The Second World War

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The European Union established after the Second World War was meant to give Europeans a common sense of urgency or direction. As time went on and different treaties were enacted the EU went from a trade agreement between six nations that were meant to help stabilize to a union where countries are becoming almost inseparable from the union itself due to the lack of autonomy and dependence. a. The treaty of Maastricht allowed the member states to move from a trade pact to a political union. It allowed the members to create a set of pillars that would allow states to become more integrated politically. The three pillars consists of the common of, the common foreign and security policy, Justice and home affairs, and the European communities. Each pillar created a foundation and pushed the states to have an obligation to make sure their indviala states laws were consistent and similar all over. The treaty also introduced the beginning of a possible European citizen shop, giving the perception that individual countries are secondary to the overall union, and creating the sense that people are citizens of Europe. Also, the Maastricht treaty increase the power of parliament allowing it a broader sense of legitimacy then previously granted. In addition, the Maastricht treaty made way for the Euro, European currency, by establishing the Economic and momentary union. The emu led to the establishment of a single market of common goods consisting of labor, goods and services. Lastly the
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