The European Union ( Eu ) And The Association Of Southeast Asian Nations

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EU-ASEAN Dialogue relations
Executive Summary
The European Union (EU) and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), as two of the most important regional organizations, have been interacting with each other on the economic, political and cultural levels for more than four decades. In the 21st century, Asia has become the most dynamic region in the global economy today. What is more, its regional security and stability has grabbed increasing global attention as well.

From the EU perspective, after the financial crisis, economy in Europe has not fully recovered yet. For EU, cooperating with Asia in economic sector is even more important since the latter has world’s largest population that buys almost a quarter of EU exports. Besides, EU has a strategic interest in regional security in Asia. For example, the EU’s interests would be hurt by tensions on the Korea Peninsula or across the Taiwan Straits. Thirdly, nowadays, the US and Russia even other emerging powers have further deepened their economic and political relationship with South East Asia. Under this circumstances, the EU should speed up its pace strengthen its political and economic presence across the region through comprehensive cooperation lest it would be marginalized by both Asia and the US in the near future.

But in Asia, who is the most important partner of the EU? Except for China and Japan, ASEAN is playing an increasingly important role in regional geopolitics and is proving to be a force for
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