The European Union ( Eu )

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The term European Union (EU) has come to be used to refer to an economic and political partnership involving 28 member states which are located primarily in Europe. British as one of the member in European have been benefits on economic, trade, and tourism etc. Recently, there have been noticeable increases in the argument on whether or not the British should remaining or leaving the European Union. This is due to the EU economic crisis appear and it brings series issues the European members. The bill that UK pay to EU is rising as UK economic improve and UK is become the net contributor to the EU. This essay will focus on economy reasons to identify and analyse the main problem that causes different opinion about UK leaving EU. To clearly analyse this, the structure are point out into four parts, first to evaluate those who approve of UK leaving the EU and then determine who will gain and loosing if British quit EU. Also, to view on the other side on who wish UK to remain in EU, as well as to giving detail discuss about who will be the winner or loser as UK remain in EU. Lastly, to summing up all those analyse and give personal suggestion on which gains and losses are likely to be most critical.
In most recent year, there have been a large increase on the group of people support to Brexit. The word Brexit is generally understood to mean British exit to EU (). The conservative party under Brexit problem have divided into two side with who want to remain the long for an…

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