The European Union

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The European Union is committed to some of the boldest renewable energy goals of at least 27% of final energy consumption by renewable sources by 2030. While this goal is in part environmentally motivated with commitments to climate change in mind, it is also politically motivated; Europe is currently heavily dependent on natural gas for its energy needs, with much of this natural gas imported from Russia. This arrangement puts Europe in danger from blockades and economic pressure from Russia. The crash of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 renewed tensions between Brussels and Moscow and EU Commissioner for Energy Gunther Oettinger stating that a 30% energy reduction would prove useful in ensuring European energy security. While there are…show more content…
In summary my research interests lie in the formation of the so-called European Super grid and the impact of large-scale utilization of EVs. While green house gases arise from electrical generation and improvements in area will lead to decreases in their emission another major issue is electrical transmission. There is energy loss due to inefficiencies in the electrical transmission process and these loses require increases in overall generation. Additionally, inefficient coupling between supply and demand lead to suboptimal power generation. Meeting the 2030’s proposal expectations will require the use of multiple means of renewable energy production. Due to geographic positions some countries have excellent potential for specific energy generation, such as solar in the Mediterranean, hydro in the Nordic areas and wind along the Atlantic coast. However, matching the potential local supply of electrical power to local demand is difficult, in some areas heavily surpassing it. Additionally, power supply issues may arise from over reliance of one particularly power supply in an area. To address these issues networks are in place to transmit electrical power into and out of a local area, allowing connected areas to supplement one another and make more efficient use of power. Whether this transmission happens within a country, such as from the wind power generating Baltic coast of Germany to the
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