The European Union Essay

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he European Union consists of many institutions and through these parts, it functions itself. While it has a highly federalized government-like-framework (EU Parliament), simultaneously, it also has loose intergovernmental institutions (Council of European Union and the European Council). It is a complex hybrid organization, falling somewhere between the intergovernmental cooperative United Nations, and the federal government of United States of America. The chief constituting bodies are namely,
1. European Commission
2. European Parliament
3. European Council
4. Council of Ministers/ Council of EU/ EU Council (“The Council”)
5. European Court of Justice
Besides these, there are nine other functioning institutions within the EU.

1. European Commission : Considered as the “Guardian of the European Union”, the commission represents the interests of EU, is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the EU, initiates legislations, draws budget, is accountable for the goals set by the treaties and it can also begin conversations. With the help of the ECJ, the Commission can also take warn and take proper steps against respective states who have disobeyed the regulations, decisions or directives set by the EU. It is said to be EU’s “politically independent executive arm”. The members are 28 in number, each from each member country, being headed by the President. The President is first selected by the European Council, and then he has to pass the by majority vote in the

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