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The European Union Advantages of UK membership to the European Union cover many fields from the businesses in the UK to British consumers and students. Membership benefits UK businesses because it makes trade between member states quicker and cheaper. This is because the EU is a customs union/ single market. This means that a business in the UK can export its goods and services to other EU member states and those goods and services will not have a tax tariff imposed on them. For example, America, a non-EU member, imposes a tariff on cars being imported from the UK. However, Germany, an EU member, does not impose a tariff on British cars being imported. Like wise the UK does not impose tariffs…show more content…
This makes consumers feel safer and leads to a single market. The membership of the UK also benefits British students. It allows students to be educated, be trained or work in member states. More than 10,000 UK university students a year are taking advantage of the opportunity to study in another member state and over 830,000 young people from across the EU have studied, trained or worked in another member state. Although advantages and benefits of membership are in the paragraph above, there are also costs of being a member of the world’s largest trading block. One cost is partly being controlled by the EU. The UK must abide by laws set by the other states and if it breaks these rules it faces punishment and possible fines. Another cost is that the UK does not always achieve what it wants from the European Union. For example Britain might want to impose a new law on immigration practices, but some other countries might disagree on Britain’s views. This way it takes longer for decisions to be met because 25 countries have to agree on one issue. There is also a financial cost of being a member to the EU. The financial cost for being a member to date is over £100bn. This money could be invested in other sectors of the economy, such as healthcare or education. The European Union

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