The European Union : International Politics And Its Future Opportunity Essay

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Established in 1887, the European Union (EU) was initially created as a means to protect and defend peace and facilitate economic recovery after the end of World War Two throughout the six original members states; France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. Since its conception, the EU has become a significant player in the global arena, economically, politically and also in the form of humanitarian and environmental aid and assistance around the world, currently providing 60% of the worlds development assistance ( Michel, 2007, pg. 23). The question of whether the European union is a significant global actor however, needs firstly to take into consideration the very definition of the European Union as a global entity, and also the definition of the area of ‘actorness’. Once clarified, this essay will argue that the EU’s global presence, capability as an institution in international politics and its future opportunity all demonstrate the EU’s capabilities as a significant global actor in the global political arena.
On the 9th August, 2005 at the Die Zeit summer school, Hamburg, Olli Ilmari Rehn who served as European Commissioner from 2004-2014 made a speech titled “The European Union as a Global Actor?” in which he stated, “ I strongly believe that the EU’s creation of a rules-based framework that is respected worldwide makes Europe a global actor.” From a realist or traditional perspective, states have been prioritised as the only significant global
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