The European Union Law Has A Big Impact On How The Uk Law Monitor Their Water Pollution

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The European Union law has had a big impact on how the UK law monitor their water pollution as there are now specific standards that have to be adhered to as the government are now monitored and measured. The EU first regarded water pollution as an important matter in 1973 and have been introducing new directives since. The directives have looked at a number of topics referring to water pollution. In 2000 the European Commission produced The Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC (WFD) legislation as a major driver for achieving sustainable management of water in the UK and other EU member states for many years to come. The WFD requests that all inland and coastal waters within river basin districts must reach at least ‘good status’ by 2015 and states how this should be reached through the establishment of environmental objectives and ecological goals for surface waters. As a result, there will be healthy water environment, achieved by taking due account of environmental, economic and social considerations (European Communities, 2000). The WFD is a legal structure that protects all rivers, lakes, estuaries, inland coastal waters and groundwater bodies across Europe. It aims to do this by: • Encouraging sustainable water consumption • Protecting, Enhancing and stopping any deterioration of aquatic systems • Stopping hazardous substances entering the marine environment • Reducing ground water pollution Over the past decade there have been significant achievements in
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