The European Union Essay

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As former Prime Minister David Cameron stated, “A vote to leave is the gamble of the century. And it would be our children’s futures on the table if we were to roll the dice” (Ketil). On June 23, more than half of the United Kingdom voted to leave the European Union. A myriad of UK’s citizens had no knowledge of what their vote would do.1 In the United States, the electoral college elects the president while taking in the consideration of the public’s vote. When the public voted on the referendum, they believed it was an opinion poll and higher officials would vote somewhat based on the people’s standpoint, such as how America’s democracy works. Britains want to be able to expand without the EU’s assistance but profound consequences awaits. Society should be against Britain’s exit because it will change immigration reforms, plummet trade agreements, lead to the crash of the euro currency, and for more other reasons. The European Union was created mainly to bring political strength, economical stability, and unity to Europe (Wilkinson). The idea arose after WWII when leaders realized it was much easier getting the goods and services needed to rebuild from neighboring countries. Rebuilding was a bigger priority than having to concur on trade agreements and pay extra money, money that they didn’t have, on tariffs. 28 out of 50 countries in Europe decided to join the union. It’s main economic focus has been to have a free trade agreement within the nations ("What Is the EU? -

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