The European Union

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reason, the common citizens of Briton believe that exiting the EU is the only way they can solve their economic problems. Thus, the leading party of the United Kingdom has approved a referendum on UK’s membership of the European Union. Opinion polls show that British citizens have a different perspective on the issue. A recent study conducted by center for European reform showed that “The younger generation of Britons favors European Union because it offers a good economic prospect. At the same time, the older generation perceives the EU as an anti-democratic institution. Experts form European commission suggests that the possibility of Britain exiting the EU has a profound effect on economics, business, and immigration of policies of Europeans.” (Simon, Philip, 9, 67). Even though most people see the economic problem as the main cause of for UK for rejecting the European Union, others also consider the refugee crisis as a pressing issue. A recent study conducted by the royal institute of international affairs show that “attitudes toward immigration are the strongest predictor of whether somebody will vote to leave the EU. Those who feel that immigration is having negative effects on Britain are 50 per cent likely to vote out of EU. In contrast, those who hold more positive attitudes towards immigration are 11 percent more likely to vote in.”(Matthew, Milazzo, 8) In the last couple of years Briton has seen a massive increase in the number of immigrants. Most of these

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