The European Union 's Convergence Criterias : Advantage Or Disadvantage?

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The European Union’s Convergence Criterias – Advantage or Disadvantage? This study analyses the extent to which the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union’s convergence criterias have an influence on the fiscal policy in the member countries, and if there is connection, if this connection is positive or negative for each member state. It will look on the question if it is possible to unite so many different countries under one union, and if you can do this, while the countries still are still sovereign. This research will be carried out through both EU’s own data, critical articles about the Monetary Union and statistics about the economical situation in each of the member states. Literature review The British media giant…show more content…
When a trade union, like EU, describes their fiscal policy, is it very import to be critic towards the information they are giving. This interdependence, that the united fiscal policy is giving the countries, is only mentioned as a positive effect of the union, and the downsides about are not mentioned at all. By looking at the information given on their website, will you get a picture of a perfect plan, which only has good sides. Methodology: This study is based on both qualitative and quantitative research methods. The basis of this research project is the Economic and Monetary Union of the European Union’s convergence criterias, which can be found on EU’s website. This is qualitative secondary data, as it is used to gather an in-depth understanding of the subject and is research, which has already been carried out by EU. This research project does also include quantitative secondary research methods, with statistics over the unemployment rate for all of the European countries. This is a research, which has already been carried out by EU. Limitations: The limitations there are in research projects about complex subjects like countries’ financial policy is, that the information about the spending of the taxpayer’s money, can be difficult to get an inside view of. When researching a countries’ financial situation, a critical view upon the
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