The Euthanasia Program

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The euthanasia program should always be remembered one, to commemorate the loss of many people in such an unjust situation, as an incorporeal epitaph. It is definitely one of the lesser known events that happened during the Holocaust, it’s impact dwarfed by all the horrifying things happening during that time period. There were many deaths, not only of the mentally disabled, but of soldiers, and citizens who had no part in it. If the Euthanasia Program was a standalone event in history, it would have been far more known to the public interest as other such standalone events were. Then again, it’s important to point out that it only got to the extent that it did because the program was lost in the chaotic mess that countries were caught up…show more content…
It eventually just grew into another source of locations that provided the service of death to anyone who did not fit the ideal, which was already very prejudice and unfair. It was not the first occurrence of involuntary euthanasia, but it was the first recorded that reached such an extent, size and cruelty wise. Euthanasia was always much conversed, written by scholars and discussed in educational and medical settings with many conjectures, but for it to be put into action in such an inequitable way was shocking when it reached public ears, even to those who were caught up in their own affairs caused by the events of the Holocaust. The program itself has been analyzed by many, and the information revealed is important to be given to the public. Arguably, there are very few contemporary individuals who would agree with such a downcasting perspective, and the fact that we are appalled by what took place is a sign of improvement from when the program occurred, especially when then it would have been seen as…show more content…
As a society, it is important that we understand and apprehend such events, the who, the why, all of it so that we can strive for the ideal that was vehemently conversed during the Holocaust and make it out ultimatum: complete human equality, regardless of who we are born
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