The Evaluation Of Public Relations Internship Program

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The evaluation of Public Relations Internship Program in China Literature Review Nowadays, when new ideas, professions and whole fields are imported or received into cultures that had no part in their creation and development, it is important to study how these fields fit in, are adapted to or are altered by their new host countries. China is the largest of these host countries. Since the early 1980s, Western ideas, practices and fields have been introduced into and have taken root in China. Some of these are: public relations, advertising, business administration, management, and marketing. The tenets of the public relations industry have been studied and practiced throughout history. Alan Leahigh…show more content…
Internship programs are an effective way to incorporate practical experience into the education of construction students. Many research studies have been conducted to analyze the advantages and pros of internships in the field of Public relations for the students. The studies reveal that the students who had been engaged in such internship programs have been observed to have a better career path as compare to the ones who did not opted for it (Filak & Pritchard, 2008). Moreover, internship during the academics period also serves as an assessment tool for the universities (Filak & Pritchard, 2008). A research study by Ganahl?s (2003) found out that that in the corporate industry counts the educational experiences of those students who have opted for internships as highly meaningful. Apparently, public relations, fits the pattern of advertising and management. It was developed and has matured in the West. And China is a receiver country. Public relations in China, is thus a prime example of a newly introduced field. Public relations-related activities exist in every society and in countless sub-sectors of those societies. For practitioners, real and important changes occur when a set of theoretical approaches and techniques and a coherent underlying logic gather these activities into a comprehensive professional field. Public relations in China, is at this stage today. In the process of creating itself, the
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