The Evaluation Of Teaching Methods

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The Evaluation of Teaching Methods In US Universities Even the smartest students have certain classes that they cannot focus in, no matter how hard they try. Everyone knows that no one is exactly the same; for example, identical twins may look identical at first glance, if you look more closely, you will notice differences between the two. This basic concept applies to teachers and professors too. Every teacher has a different teaching method, some people may think that the teaching methods are the same, but it is slightly different. This difference may be due to the different subjects that the teachers are teaching or just the difference in personalities and teaching styles that each teacher has. These differences greatly affect students’ performances in numerous of ways that one could not possibly think of. I had observed in several of my classes to compare and contrast different teaching styles from my professors and the students’ behaviors depending on the subject and the professors. The classes that I have observed include General Chemistry 1, Calculus 2 and Asian Behaviors and Thought (ABT). Two of these classes are the main subjects with the last one is a general education class in order to see the differences better and if there are any similarities. Calculus 2 and ABT are both classroom based courses. I chose to observe General Chemistry 1 because unlike the other two classes, this class is a lecture, which means there is no doubt that the teaching methods of the…
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