The Events And Memories Of The Planet Has Gone Through Events, Memories, And Events

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Every person on the planet has gone through events and memories, which shaped them into the person they are today. The events and moments that a person passes through are later integrated onto the person. This is the story about the moments and events that have shaped me into the person I am today. Whispers, shouts, and snide remarks have morphed my personality, my being, into my identity. I am the result of trying to prove to my family, friends, and peers they were wrong about the things they said about me. One way I have been impacted by my peers was when a peer had a snide remark to say about me. It was towards the beginning of my freshman math class and we were preparing to do our daily D.O.M (daily oral math). I sat in the front of the class on the left side of the room farthest from the teachers’ desk. Where I sat made it so it was not hard for me to talk to the classmates beside me. This day in particular really shaped my view on the world all thanks to one of my peers who sat in front of me. I had just barely finished question three on my D.O.M when Jorge, a sophomore, turns around and asks me for a pencil. I did not see anything wrong with it so I passed him a wooden one, one that I would not mind if he kept it. He smiled a grin that seemed too fake to be genuine. Then Jorge noticed my phone. Jorge grabs my phone without asking me to see it. He then starts making remarks about how my phone was and older version of his and how his phone was better than mine, for the…
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