The Events Of Penn State Altoona 's Intramural Basketball Games

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The event I went to was one of Penn State Altoona 's intramural basketball games. I chose this event because I wanted to observe the similarities and differences between intramural sporting events and extramural sporting events. At extramural sporting events, the players in the competition are usually extremely invested in the sport that they are playing and the competition itself because of the fact that the players have to be good to make the team. Players are also more invested in extramural sports because they are competing against a team from a different institution. At intramural sporting events there are no requirements to be on a team which means a person who has never played that sport before can be on a team. Since the basketball game was intramural I was curious about what the dynamic would be like between the players so I closely observed how the players interacted with one another. I was not sure whether or not these intramural players would be as invested as professional players and I assumed they wouldn 't but once I went to the game and found out, I was taken aback with my discovery. Since I was curious about the history of Penn State Altoona 's intramural basketball league, I interviewed some players in order to find out how long the program has been around, if there are any rituals involved in the game, and if there are any rivalries. While there, I also payed close attention to how much sportsmanship these intramural players had to see how seriously they

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