The Events Of The 1960 's And Through The 1970 ' S

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Rodena Woods –History 102- 12/12/15- Final Essay How did the events from the later 1960’s and through the 1970’s contribute to cynicism and mistrust toward the nation’s leaders, especially those in politics? The unexpected occurrences of the late 1960 's through the 1970’s led to a broad form of skepticism and distrust toward the countries ' leaders in a number of ways. The occurrences that impacted how Americans looked at the nation’s leader was complete disillusionment. They felt this way because of hidden secrets, corrupt scandals in the white house, continuous social and economic problems that seemed to never change and the ongoing Vietnam war which Americans were opposed too. Most Americans blamed the government for many of the issues the that were going on and that should have ended but instead funded, ignored, and made other things important on their agenda. Political leaders had proclaimed intentions on ending the cold war, racial discrimination, fixing social and economic problems and creating reforms that would begin to make a difference.Americans did not see a change of these significant issues through these years.They only saw the nation getting worse which made them unhappy, doubtful and even worried about a new civil war. Some of the events that contributed to Americans cynicism was the watergate scandal, the ongoing Vietnam war, social and economic catastrophes and inequality. The four most important developments and why One of the four most significant
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