The Events Of The 20th Century Essay

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The 20th century was a time of great unrest and turmoil, wars that divided the world, superpowers in vicious stalemates vying for the number one position, and the clashing of many new ideologies. The Jewish people are one of the central groups that was affected by all these things and it greatly changed them as a people. The Holocaust, a horrifying and brutal systematic slaughter of mainly Jews and other non-Aryan people, one of the world 's greatest tragedies changed forever the Jewish people. The creation of the state of Israel and the development of Zionism led to widespread division among many Jews as some were all for the creation of a Jewish state while other were deeply against it, these divisions only deepened at the onset of the Arab-Israeli conflict as now more than 40 years of fighting has occurred with no peace in sight (Fermaglich, lecture, 30 November & 7 December 2016). The world events of the 20th century have divided the Jewish people, the Holocaust created divisions from those who experienced it and those who did not, along with the ideological and political divisions from the creation of the state of Israel and the Arab-Israeli conflict. Survivors from the Holocaust had to begin their lives again once their nightmarish ordeal was done. Many returned to their homes from which they were taken, others wanted to leave and never come back, be away from the site that tormented them for years. Near 100,000 Jewish survivors emigrated to the United States to
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