The Events Of The Reformation

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Reviewing The Reformation Before the Reformation was redesigned, there were brutal religious rivalries on a daily basis. The Bible was used, dramatically, in restricting authority and actions of citizens; brainwashing, and surrounding their lives in the Catholic Church. Due to the amount of effort forced upon citizens, they believed passionately and strongly in the word of the Pope and Church; citizens would torture, while the Church would imprison anyone who questioned or mislead the obstructions of their authorities. The horrific events citizens had to witness were some of the most challenging and confusing during this era. A reformer by the name of Jan Huss was one of the first to engage in activity on the religious crisis. He did not agree with the rules of the Church and was not afraid to discuss his issue. Jan Huss was from Bohemia, where he started his ideas about how the Church should function. He considered people should only believe in god himself. Huss protested against the sale of indulgences and concluded that no one should rearrange the rules of the Bible or take advantage of them. Jan Huss, before his death, raised ideas that lurked around for centuries. The Protestant Reformation once reinforced was a positive, and reconstructed outlook in the Catholic Church. It was a gentle force from the Europeans, upon the Indians, to be converted to Catholicism. Filled with inventions, such as the Gutenberg Printing Press. The printing press was very effective in

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