The Events Of World War I

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As is the case with many wars, a foundation has to be set before the situation can escalate into a fully fledged war. Some concede that ephemeral events just before the outbreak of war are more inciteful of the fighting rather than long held animosity between nations. Others hold credence in the idea that wars often begin long before the first shot is fired, with their sole reason for starting being traced back to previous conflicts and tensions with other countries. The tensions of World War I could be observed within Europe before the war officially started, as is observed through German resentment and competition with other countries, along with their dominating foreign policies and support of their allied nations. The groundwork for World War I was laid down far before the July Crisis could have any effect on the start of the war. The ticking time bomb that was Europe contained countries bent on imperialism and maintaining the best situation for themselves, causing great tensions to form between nations. One such rivalry developed between Germany, known as Prussia at the time, and France. During the Franco-Prussian War of 1871, Prussia managed to capture Alsace-Lorraine, a part of France. The French were unsettled by their defeat and loss of land, determined to reclaim Alsace-Lorraine as a representation of their power and authority in Europe. This goal led to revanchism in France, where they would “suddenly one day rise [to] regain Lorraine [and] recapture Alsace.” A

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