The Events Of World War II Essay

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A “watershed” event could best be described as one such an event that marked a turning point in a course of actions or affairs. Some would argue that the second World War was nowhere close to being a watershed event and more closely aligned with being a devastating period for American history. Funnily enough, most would critically disagree with such a statement. World War II sent the United States through a frenzy of change — change that would extend even over to today’s time! So in retrospect of our history, I must conclude that World War II was most definitely a watershed event. The war impacted nearly every aspect of American life: socially, economically, and politically. It is almost as if God had predestined the United States with the winning lineup. One that would ensure our rise into a global super power.
When speaking in the social arena of American life, the war affected many areas within this one arena. Namely being issues between races and genders. Before the war, for example, African Americans were given little to no equal rights in society. Unemployment rates for blacks before the war nearly doubled that of whites, and even still, most of those jobs that were held were unskilled. African Americans were not allowed to join the Marine Corps or Air Corps. In the Navy and Army, they were segregated and still faced issues within the groups. Throughout the wartime effort, they struggled with equality on the home front. Although much did not necessarily change

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