The Events That Occur Within Genocide

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One very profound characteristic of the events that occur within genocide is how one group becomes the dominating leader over the group whom they are targeting. Most of the time, the group that is targeted is the group that inhabits the lowest people within that countries’ society. This explicit event occurs in both with the Aborigines in Australia and the Herero/Nama in South-West Africa. Both places endured a genocide that targeted the group of people within each society that the world believed would not survive unless someone intervened on the Aborigines and Herero/Nama 's’ behalf. However as time would tell, those whom believed they were improving these societies…eventually saw that they instead ruined the lives of those whom lived during these events. During the 1800’s until the 1920s, the Aboriginal population digressed from nearly 500,000 members to roughly 30,000 because of those whom were new within the land, such as private settlers, colonial authorities, and squatters. During this prolong amount of time, only 20,000 members of the Aborigine society was murdered and between 20,000 to 35,000 children were removed from the families. The aborigines were considered as the inferior individuals within Australia. They were often referred to as “dispersed kangaroos” because of their distinctive features and their actions (such as bathing with sand) that demonstrated to the squatters that they were something rather than human beings (55). The settlers proclaimed that the

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