The Ever Changing Classroom : Managing The Intangible Essay

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The Ever-changing Classroom – Managing the Intangible
Over the years, much has changed in regards to effective classroom pedagogy. Countless revisions to the once tried and true methodologies of a past age litter the literary practitioner’s textbooks, giving way to an abundance of amendments to strategies no longer pertinent within the ever changing world of high school education. With every new addition to the teaching arsenal come a slew of radical and innovative perspectives and philosophies, looking to reinvent, or at the very least modify, the ever-turning wheel that is classroom management, as a means of both establishing and maintaining the ideal learning environment for one’s students. This is by no means anybody’s fault, but is merely the result of classroom diversity, the ever-persisting challenge of which every aspiring practitioner of education must one day come to face. Upon entering a classroom, we are faced with a diverse range of people, cultures, behaviours, learning styles and methodologies, a reoccurring spectrum of diversity, and while each classroom may bear similarities to the last, its inhabitants are rarely the same. I believe that students are both indicative and representative of our past, present, and most importantly, future and as such, it falls upon us, the vestiges of previous generations to both guide and facilitate their transition into society and the becoming of upstanding and well-adjusted citizens. In order to succeed in such a monumental

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