The Ever Changing Field Of Film Essay

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The Ever-Changing Field of Film The world of film has changed dramatically over the years and will likely continue to change along with technological and professional developments. Like many modern innovations, film has changed substantially over a rather short period of time, from black and white movies to modernized color films. Still, it is impressive to think how far film has come, and looking back into the near past affords an appreciation of the technology that no longer exists. Thus my viewing experiences towards film have tremendously changed in recent years as I have become more and more immersed in its world. I am not old enough to recall silent movies, but I most certainly remember black and white movies that my parents used to watch on TV. In the 1980s, I always wondered why some broadcasts were black and white, especially when I switched to another channel that had color broadcasting. Personally, the only black and white TV show that I used to watch was The Three Stooges (Ray McCarey, 1934). I enjoyed watching this show for its funny slapstick action; however I did not enjoy watching it in black and white, as my focus was primarily on the main characters and not the scenery or objects around them. Several years later, this sort of viewing became a thing of the past because black and white films became less accessible in either television or movies. Conversely, the advent of computer-generated imagery, known as CGI, has changed the
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