The Ever Changing Spirit Of Architecture

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Jules Romier
Professor Wheeler
April 30th 2015
Paper 2
The Ever-Changing Spirit of Architecture The Egyptians built the pyramids as vehicles for their great leaders and their most valuable possessions to travel to the afterlife. They even planned ahead by designing secret rooms and passageways to fool potential tomb robbers. The great pyramids are still standing to this day and serve as a small window into the ancient Egyptian civilization. For thousands of years, buildings have been made primarily in masonry construction with either vaulted ceilings or wooden beams. Masonry construction is cheap, strong, and the materials are widely available; it is the single best way to build a structure, at least until the industrial revolution in the late 18th century. The industrial revolution was the start of many changes to architecture as it was known at the time. The inventions of more powerful machines and stronger materials meant architecture could reach new heights, quite literally. During this time period, the first skyscrapers towered above the cities; the first large suspension bridges spanned the rivers and gorges. Using and observing these new inventions and methods, several very important architects have documented not only structural changes throughout architecture but also their own ideas on which direction to lead architecture. These architects lived during different eras from the industrial revolution to the mid twentieth century and are responsible for many of the
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