The Evergreen Marching Band And Colorguard

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The Evergreen Marching Band and Colorguard (EMBC) has stewed in accomplishment, success, and hard work, for more than two decades. People don’t know, that we 're not just a normal halftime marching band--we are a competitive marching band. Like any football, drill, or soccer team, EMBC strives to compete amongst the greats. For a couple decades, EMBC has marched to success and we don 't want to stop now; however, the competitive program was close to being slashed this year, due to lack of funds. Students and parents raged at the thought of no competitive season. Competing is the best part for everyone in this program. If we lost that it wouldn’t be as much fun. We were so far in debt that if we couldn 't raise enough money, it would 've been game over.
If we had more money in our budget to do our competitive season, we would not have to say goodbye to competing. The program receives a mere $1000, for the whole band program, as said by the band director. That is not enough for our program. My school district needs to fund the EMBC program separately from the regular band programs. I am not saying that their program isn’t as important, but we, the EMBC, require more funding for our award winning program. It is a sport, and therefore merits the full funding like any other team. A way we can do that is by moving around funding from teams who don’t require as much and move it towards the ones that do, like us. One example of this, would be to move excess funding from one
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