The Evergreens: A Short Story

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Within the small, hallow space between Greed and Sloth, Discontent lies, dormant and unrecognized. They prey upon those weary, malcontented souls who have nought to do but ruminate upon what they do not have, rather than upon the great many things they do. And in a decrepit shack in the Evergreens, Discontent lures those who would decide to feed off its disquieting presence. They first hear the sounds of a fire roaring, burning, consuming. Then, they will feel their arms and legs grow heavy and weak, straining for every modicum of movement. Finally, they will see their greatest desire, whether it be power, or wealth, or affection, just beyond the line of trees, and they will be helpless to resist the thrall. They will travel for miles and…show more content…
With their newfound strength and determination, they will rush in after, to find, to their horror, a shadowy and grotesque figure lounging in a tall, redwood chair next to a roaring fireplace. And with a voice like the hoarse whisper of a stiff breeze blowing through reeds, the shadow will regard The Malcontent by name and then say, "I see you have found me within the Evergreens, and chosen to enter my abode, rather than flee. With this, you have consciously or unconsciously decided noting on this material plane will satisfy you. As such," The shadow will stand, and its voice will fragment. "You will join us, and consume other malcontents for eternity." And with a deep exhalation, Discontent's shadow will expand and engulf now protesting The Malcontent. Though no matter the struggle, Discontent will leave nothing behind, not even a memory of the person in the minds of their families. Rather, recollections of them will be rewritten to make it as though they never were on this loathsome Earth to begin with. Finally, the soul of The Malcontent will drift on indefinitely in an blank, empty space, alone, blind, and unfeeling. And the only sensation they will feel for the rest of forever and all time is the periodical absorption of yet another restless
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