The Everyday ' Is Important For Sociological Research

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This essay will argue that the setting of ‘the everyday’ is important for sociological research. Through its investigation it becomes evident how various types of social structures and institutions have an ability to influence behaviours and emotions of individuals. The sociological research of the everyday covers a diverse range of theories, as individuals live and conduct themselves by various standards, contexts, and structures (Heller, 1984, p. 3), and it is this kind of interaction that is taken for granted and thus in need of exploration. It is through the examination of the socialisation occurring in the everyday between individuals, institutions, rules, and culture, that it becomes evident that ‘the obvious is often not-so-obvious’ (Newman et al., 2013). This essay utilises the sociological imagination to express this importance of the everyday through the exploration of three aspects of socialisation, these being employment, mass media, and social deviance. It is these kinds of socialisations occurring in the everyday that illustrate how social structures and institutions influence behaviours and emotions, and hence also prove the everyday as an important setting for sociological research. ‘Have you ever wondered whether your thoughts and feelings are your own?’ (Gavin Smith) It is through the sociological research of the events and happenings in the everyday that this important question can be and is addressed quite repetitively. First, however in order to
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