The Everything Economics Book By David A Mayer

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Most people think that economics is a complex field to study, but with this book i found that i learned everything in the easiest way possible. With in the book, i learned about how economics works in a very easy way of understanding. From arcane graphs to marketing strategies this book had it all and more. In my next paragraphs i will begin to explain my favorite marketing strategies that i had found in the book “The everything Economics Book” by David A Mayer. As someone in the market, you should consider setting goals for yourself. Defining goals clearly and being realistic about ways to achieve them can help protect you from common mistakes such as spending too much or too little. Things like that are very essential to having good…show more content…
I really agree with this strategy and would for sure use this in the future. I think that making products that a collaborated with certain things just grab people 's attention and make both businesses strive for success. I know that if i saw two cool things together it would make me want to buy them even more. This idea is definitely one of my favorites and i think that it is one of the ones that would help out the most. My third strategy that i found interesting revolves around what the customers think. If you are going to be selling clothes to 16-25 year old people, you need to do research on all the new fads and what 's hot around their age group. Most markets have found that medium and stick with what is going to make their customers happy. Most teens and young adults follow the “norms” or what 's “cool” in the market, so if you produce things like that more people will begin to buy your product. For example, the upcoming trend are the long shirts, big jackets, and ripped jeans. When Kanye West came out with his “Yeezy” line, people went nuts for it. Since it is very expensive, stores like Tilly 's, Zumiez, and Pacsun began making clothing just like it but for cheaper prices, and the market went wild. Now, everywhere you look whether on the website or in the stores you will see those select styles. Most of the time when they release their new line, it sells out very quickly because their is such a high demand for

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