The Evidence Presented In The Unit'S Ir, Addendum, Observations

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The evidence presented in the unit 's IR, Addendum, observations by the onsite team, onsite documents provided by the unit or on the OneDrive site, and interviews with unit faculty, school based faculty alumni, and candidates support the continuing effort of the unit to design, implement, and evaluate field and practicum experiences to help candidates develop their knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions. The unit provide opportunities for P-12 school partners, faculty across programs, and secondary and K-12 faculty across the university to broadening their involvement on unit committees and in the unit decision-making process. Some of the newly formed committees are: the Unit Wide Steering Committee, Unit Wide Assessment…show more content…
The Director of Field Experiences and Partnerships routinely communicates and provides an electronic link to the unit’s Student Teacher Handbook and Field Experiences Handbook and TK20, as well as provided a pamphlet of instructions to cooperating teachers. Some advanced programs, in interviews indicated that they had additional handbooks or toolkits to help guide their cooperating teachers and site supervisors and that they provided one-on-one, small group, or whole group training on their expectations and program assessments and procedures. In an onsite meeting, university supervisors indicated that they are required to make an introductory visit to the field and practicum experience site within the first week of placement. They also indicated that they take this time to discuss expectations, assessments, handbook(s), and TK20. The Director of Field Experiences and Partnerships serves as the main liaison between the unit and their partners in the professional community. The Director stated, in an onsite interview, that each program monitors their transition points and determines if candidates meet the requirements of the transition point prior to moving forward in the program. The Office of Field Experiences and Partnership collaborate with area school districts on field and practicum assignments for initial and some advanced programs. Advanced programs are responsible for managing their placements. Some

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