The Evil Nature Of Mankind In Lord Of The Flies

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The Evil Nature of Mankind
“You must purge the evil from…you.”(The Bible). When Jesus aforementioned this, he was speaking to his disciples whom were humans, which demonstrates the notion that he agreed with William Golding’s opinion that humans are inherently evil, and that unless they are taught otherwise, they would behave in the likeness of children. William Golding's Lord of the Flies explains and defines the inner workings of the human brain. He reevaluates the way humans process and think in several different ways. By illustrating the way humans can be good as long as society pushes them to be so and at the same time be selfish and evil when not in proximity to the pressure of society, which is what happened to the boys in the novel. The text Lord of the Flies provides a unique and contrasting outlook on why humans commit wicked acts yet still carry on while claiming to have a conscience. This has to do with William Golding’s belief that humans don’t have a conscience; that it is society instead trying to repress humans natural instincts. In the novel Lord of the Flies, the author William Golding uses the character Simon to demonstrate that without religion society is doomed to fall because of man’s inherent immorality. He believes that religion is enough to save humanity from the evil that resides within itself. First and foremost, the author uses Simon to symbolize religion/spirituality. This is conveyed through Lord of the Flies when Simon helps the littluns
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