The Evil Of The Angels

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God didn’t like the humans for all the bad things they did. So he set fire to the earth and destroyed them along with every other living thing. But as time went by god got lonely with out the humans on earth so he decided to once again make creatures to fill the earth but he made them mindless and brain dead so they could not do anything wrong. He made creatures of mist that floated around doing nothing . He made a few angle like creatures that didnt have a mind or soul. The angels were made to work and that’s it. They planted and sewed and cleaned whatever other thing that needed to be done but they did it all in with out thinking as if they were a machine. Sense the humans before had turned to Satan and happily done all his nasty work Satan had grown quite strong and now had enough power to also create creatures of his own and while experimenting with making life he had also made one soul. He tried again and again to create another but failed. He locked the soul away so he could use it some day when he felt the time was right.
Without the humans on earth and only these mindless heaven creations. Satan saw this as an opportunity to create the creatures of his own with minds and brains to rule over gods creatures. He made them to kill and hate and fill the earth. His creatures were mutated and ugly. But they could think. Not one of the creature he made looked the same. while forming one creature he noticed a resemblance to a human. He scowled at the creature then
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