The Evil Problems Within Theodicy

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The Evil Problems Within Theodicy The problem with evil in the world can be a test of our faith in God or a higher power. For the most part, we as ordinary people in our society live our lives according to the premise that God is our savior and will lead us to eternal happiness upon our death in this world. As a Catholic, who can be considered more spiritual than religious, I use the belief system of Catholicism for my foundation of my behavior. If I adhere to the rules set out by my god, I will be rewarded for such. But, there are times that I question the rules of the game of life. I will be the first to admit that I am not perfect, but for the most part, I follow the rules of engagement that my God has set forth for me. Those…show more content…
By committing crime, it is moral crime and according to Reichenback, ultimately a crime against God. Our god has given us a choice, and by doing so, he gives us an opportunity chose right from wrong. The problem of natural evil involves pain and suffering that results from natural disasters, diseases, or genetic defects, including that of animal pain and suffering. Like the problem of moral evil, the problem of natural evil examines whether the existence of natural evil is compatible with an all-perfect, all-knowing, loving, and powerful being” (“Theodicy Review”, n.d.). Natural evil will likely happen to ourselves, or someone we know. It becomes part of the progression of living in this world and in your body. God’s will is bestowed upon those all of us. But it is up to the individual to accept him and most of us do if natural evil is presented within us. We all begin the process of dying as soon as we are born. Our physical body will grow and then shrink again in the natural progression of aging. But within the aging process, we cannot control what natural evils are presented to us within our bodies. Natural evil could be God’s way of calling those home to him earlier than what the aging process may have taken. Speeding up the clock of life in order to get there faster. There is a reason why
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