The Evil Queen

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Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth. - Marcus Aurelius
Ever since Quinn’s death at the hands of some of the Evil Queen’s men Ruby had dedicated all her time to hunting the Evil Queen down. It had been a hard mission, the one that resulted in Quinn’s death. They had been forced to team up with Snow White and Charming. Ruby had never heard stupider call signs, but apparently they had selected them after their first mission in which they had run into the Evil Queen. It was an equally stupid moniker in Ruby’s opinion, but the Evil Queen had coined it first. Right before everyone else, criminals and agents alike, adopted the stupid fairy tale names. It was likely a response to the Evil Queen’s presence in the world of crime because she came in hard and fast, leaving no doubt in anyone’s mind that she was one of the new powers in the world.
Since that first mission Snow White and Charming had dedicated their careers to bringing the Evil Queen down and until the mission that went bad, they hadn’t had all too much luck. The Evil Queen was always two steps ahead of them, countering their moves and escaping far too easily for the Agency’s liking. Eventually they got a lead when Snow White managed to make one of the Evil Queen’s generals defect. It his faulty information and apparent death wish which had gotten Quinn killed. So many things had gone wrong. There wasn’t meant to be anyone left in the warehouse that Ruby,
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