The Evil That Lies Within

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The Evil That Lies Within Evil is a complex subject that has existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist until the very end. It is seen as internal, which can be seen within ourselves, and external, such as how society is. British Literature most often has a form of wickedness involved within the story, consisting of the reasons and motives behind the concept of it. “Evil comes within ourselves, we are good by nature but are corrupted by society” (Notes). It lies within the subconscious mind where one’s desires do not take the consequences into consideration. Maliciousness is dependent on one’s personal aspects and may be seen as immoral to one person, but sufficient to another. There are various views on why people…show more content…
If the violent act were motivated by a spiteful, resentful will, then the violent act is contemptible, but if it were motivated by a healthy will, guiltlessly claiming what it wants, then the violent act is acceptable” (Nietzsche). Jean-Jacques Rousseau believed that “our greatest evils [come] from ourselves” (Notes), and that society was corrupt and fake. His theory declared that “we are good by nature but corrupted by society” (Notes). Rousseau believed that humans are far from malevolent, but once put into society, can become immoral. Sigmund Freud’s theory on one’s own wickedness, stated that the unconscious mind is one’s true identity. "He had only to assimilate this new contrast between a moral self and an evil one, with the contrast...between the conscious and the unconscious. The moral self was the conscious, the evil self was the unconscious" (Three Case Histories). There are “wishes” settled within the mind that are violent and sexual, these wishes are suppressed by the subconscious mind. According to Freud’s superego theory, superego controls Id’s impulses, and sometimes Ego can interact with Id and engender evil thoughts. These thoughts would then be put into action generating evil doings. “The root of human nature is evil. This is why many evil thoughts or impulses may feel natural” (Notes). Even if evil is seen through contrastive aspects, once influenced upon a person, it is up to them
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