The Evil Virtues of Greed and Corruption

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In the novel, Animal Farm by George Orwell, tactics such as,“ the ends justify the means” play a vital role in developing the storyline. Animal Farm is set during the Russian Revolution and Orwell uses animals, such as pigs and horses, to portray Joseph Stalin and his loyal, yet blindsided followers. Napoleon, a pig who takes the position of Stalin in the novel, leads the other animals in a battle against the humans to free themselves from their miseries on the farm. The animals’ memories of their misery on the farm prevent them from celebrating their newfound freedom. Throughout the novel, Napoleon attempts to gain power through diabolical strategies and extensive manipulation, just as the humans once did to him. In an attempt to grasp power, new leaders apply the same tactics previously used on them, promoting the evil virtues of greed and corruption. Throughout the novel, Napoleon cultivates a pig hierarchy, displaying his greed for power and supremacy. Although Napoleon stresses the fact that the animals are better off now than under the rule of Mr. Jones, the animals sense that there is a hierarchy forming within the stables when the pigs begin to treat the others unfairly. As the pigs gain more power, they begin to take advantage of the other animals, ultimately putting them in worse positions than they were in under the rule of humans. This is exemplified by the ubiquitous obligation to keep the pigs healthy: “The importance of keeping the pigs in good health was
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