The Evil 's Destiny Is Nothing But An Illusion, And It 's Glory

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Mankind’s destiny is nothing but an illusion, and it’s glory holds a dark unfortunate truth. This is what I’ve concluded throughout Ishmael’s philosophy, and as pessimistic as it may seem, I now stand by this idea. The revelation was difficult for me to accept, but the evidence was there. I wasn’t going to ignore this as a myth like any other person because that itself is part of the problem; that is, mankind’s unfortunate evolution towards an unhealthy and self-destructive lifestyle, and their failure to recognize it. According to Ishmael’s philosophy, the unhealthy and self-destructive methods of mankind derives from a single undisputable concept which states that man was above all things. Therefore, man was the sole reason for the creation and the existence of the universe. With this concept, man believed that it was entitled to rule the world since they essentially believed that the world belonged to them. As mankind flourished and conquered the world, they gained a seemingly infinite amount of knowledge that would produce a highly advanced civilization. Although this was a historic milestone for man, they failed to realize their mistakes in their journey of conquest. They were unable to see the destruction that they brought towards the natural way of living. Mankind was unaware that they were bound to fail because of their fundamental flaw of imperfection. Mankind’s fundamental flaw is also related towards not knowing how to they should live their lives. With all the
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