The Evolution Of Advertising And Advertising

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The Evolution of Advertising
Advertisements are a huge part of our everyday lives. We see different types of ads everywhere we look; while watching television, listening to the radio, riding on the bus and even walking around your school campus. It seems like the whole world is being flooded by advertisements.
Advertising techniques have changed and along with it, the impact they have on each individual’s mind. While there are some similarities between the different kinds of advertisements we see today, there are also many differences. Advertising has also become more unethical than it was in, let’s say, the 50s. Not all advertisements are brainless; there are a few that are even creative and fun and just pull the target audience in by entertaining them while selling them a product.
The techniques companies use to sell their products have changed so much in the past 50 years. Every company has to adapt to the changing times. An example of this is that in the 1950s, companies had to find a way to appeal mostly to stay-at-home wives because they were the ones who were home all day listening to the radio while doing chores or watching the commercials between their soaps. In the 1970s advertisements had to change and find some way to appeal to an increasing amount of feminists while alluring homemakers also. They have to go along with the changes. In 1994, a new form of advertising and getting products and services into the world was discovered:…
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