The Evolution Of Advertising : The Magic System

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The Evolution of Advertising

Last year, the U.S spent over 180 billion dollars on advertising, with digital ad content the fastest growing category within the market. Facebook and other social media platforms are quickly pioneering new fangled ways to cater to the digital generation and entice the material desires of their users. Advertising was not always this way however, and in his essay “Advertising: The magic system” Raymond Williams introduces the evolution of the modern advertising industry. Williams provides a critical insight into how modern advertising has become structured and ingrained in modern culture, this insight allows us to evaluate the effects of advertising on film and television as well as the daily impact of advertising on our social media driven lives. The MTV series The Hills can be seen as a clear example of the impact of advertising on mainstream media and will be analyzed in this paper utilizing Williams insight. In “Advertising: The magic system,” Raymond Williams examines the history of advertising and its evolution from the very earliest examples in ancient Greece to the multibillion dollar industry it is today. Williams states that to recall this evolution is to explain how an industry that originated from the simple dissemination of news and events evolved into a deeply rooted system of commercial information and manipulation (Williams 411). Firstly, Williams clearly explains that the rise of large-scale advertising did not come out of
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