The Evolution Of African American Culture

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My NHD research paper is about the evolution of African American culture. I choose this topic because I have always curious about my culture and I wanted to learn more about my history and where I came from. I’ve seen a couple of movies and read a few things, but this time it is actual research the facts and I get to understand and interpret all of the information. Some of the movies that I’ve seen are 12 Years a Slave, Roots and a few other ones. Those movies helped me think about the topics that I was going to write for this paper. Another thing I thought about is if some of the things we do in my family is because of the slave who formed this new culture. I also wanted to know how my ancestors and family changed and formed the way we live and/or the way we do things. I also wondered by doing this project would I learn more than what they teach in school. Maybe you will even learn something you don’t know.
You learn something new every day. I always had two questions. What would the world have been like without slavery? What would the world be like if there was still slavery? We might never know the answer to those questions, but I might try to think about them while researching. The first topic I will talk about is the background or history of how the culture formed and started. They African American culture was created when the southern colonies decided for their economy they needed slaves. They had plantations but they had nobody to work them.
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