The Evolution Of Commerce.

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The evolution of commerce
Like human beings, business is also evolved over the time and is a never ending process. With all the advancements in the current day technologies, commerce is growing day by day.
Commerce is all started with House hold economy, where people started hunting, agriculture and domestication of animals like cow, sheep etc. to feed their own families. Over the time, the number of family members increased and their needs. Own economy became insufficient for them to feed their families. There came the Barter system, where the families started exchanging left-over goods with others who need them in exchange of goods which they need. It was commodity to commodity exchange. It continued for years until money economy stage came into existence. It solved all the drawbacks of the barter system and implemented a better trading system. It also helped people to specialize in any form of labor in order to gain more money.
With the introduction of money and specialization of labor, people started to settle down at a specific place and villages and townships came into existence. Later they have become the commercial centers and Town economy stage was implemented. It all started with small shops until huge mega malls were implemented.
With advancements in technology, e-commerce or electronic commerce came into existence where business is carried out over electronic mediums without physical interactions. It proved to be a huge success since it made overall
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