The Evolution Of Company Orientations Toward The Marketplace

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Midterm Marketing 1. Describe the various stages in the evolution of company orientations toward the marketplace. Why is it important to have a Holistic Marketing Concept Orientation? Chapter 1, Session #1 Handout. Marketing concept is management philosophy according to which a company 's goals can be best achieved through determination and satisfaction of the customers ' stated and unstated needs and wants. The economic environment is difficult and with many challenges, and marketing is the tool of business methods to deal with those challenges in business. Marketing is also the tool of helping companies to recommend new products and services. There can be divided into five orientations (philosophical concepts to the marketplace have…show more content…
3. The third concept is the selling concept. It holds that consumers and business believe in this concept think that leaving alone the customers will not help. Instead there is a need to attract the customers towards them. They think that goods are not bought but they have to be sold. The basis of this concept is that the buyers can be attracted. Keeping in view this concept these companies concentrate their marketing efforts towards educating and attracting the customers. In such a case their main thinking is ‘selling what you have’. 4. The fourth concept is the marketing concept. It holds that consumers and business believe in this concept are of the attitude that success can be achieved only through consumer satisfaction. The basis of this concept is that only those goods/service should be made available which the consumers want or need and not the things which you can do. 5. The fifth concept is the holistic marketing concept. It related to marketing concept to the digital Technology one. The idea comes from the connection between electronic systems and business relationship toward customer and colleague, by value exploration value creation, value delivery for propose of Long-term, relationship as well as growth with stakeholders. This is the framework for analysis and new product development. There are four components of Holistic Marketing: Internal Marketing, Integrated Marketing, relationship Marketing, and
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